These are some of the awards and press mentions that Aurora Lampworks has received.

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    "A Well-Lit Restoration" by Penelope Overton

    "By the time the work is done, Aurora Lampworks will use almost every tool in its arsenal to restore and reproduce the historic brass chandeliers, sconces and pendant lights of Waterbury's City Hall."

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    IALD Award of Excellence

    MOMA Wrightsman Galleries Honored with Award of Excellence at the 26th Annual International Association of Lighting Design Awards, on May 6, 2009. Aurora Lampworks credited as Historic Fixture Renovators on project.

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    "Everything in it's Place" by Jane Margolies

    "Kitty Hawks and her husband's larger New York home proves the perfect home for their many furnishings collected over decades."

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    "Playing Favorites" by Aaron Seward

    The Architect's Newspaper's "4th Annual compilation of the best contractors, products, consultants & more."

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    "Eternal Light" by Lynne Lavelle

    "The restoration and replication of original Victorian-era lighting fixtures completes an 18-year synagogue project in New York City's Lower East Side."

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    "Urban Virtues" by Roberta Brandes Gratz

    The values of historic preservation go far beyond the clichéd notions of nostalgia and NIMBYism.

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    New York Industrial Retention Network

    New York Industrial Retention Network '10-Under-10' Award

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    2007 Excellence in Preservation Award

    Awarded by The Preservation League of New York State for the restoration of the Great Western Staircase at the New York State Capital Building in Albany, NY.

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    Appreciation Award

    Preservation Arts & Technology Program at Brooklyn high School of the Arts

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    "Joy on Eldridge Street" by Diane Cole

    Erasing decades of decay, the restoration of a New York City synagogue comes to a glowing close.

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    New York City Masterwork Award

    The Eldridge Street Project recieved a number of awards including the New York City Masterwork Award presented by The Municipal Art Society of New York and Helaba Landesbank Hessen Thüringen

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    New York Landmark Conservancy- Professional Circle

    Member of the New York Landmarks Conservancy's Professional Circle

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    National Preservation Award

    National Trust for Historic Preservation's National Preservation Award, October 23, 2008

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    Certificate of Appreciation

    Central Presbyterian Church

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  • Lucy G. Moses Preservation Award

    The Eldridge Street Project was awarded the prestigious Lucy G. Moses Award.

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  • 1083-thumb

    Rewiring - Within Limits - New York Times

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